Legal Marketing Best Practices – Help Lawyer

In a saturated market, it is imperative that Every lawyer and law firm learns to market themselves effectively in order to gain authority, trust and of course brand momentum. Legal marketing, and thinking outside the box as an aspect to that marketing prowess is how you separate your legal practice from the competition and help potential clients to connect with you. Legal marketing requires some work, but it is something everyone can do. Furthermore, it can be fun to develop new strategies outside of what is considered the normal modus operandi. 

We reached out to Help-Lawyer and asked them to write an article for our blog discussing legal marketing best practices. 

In order to best exemplify legal marketing and show how we can think differently, John, Help-Lawyer Founder and Developer, created a video blog to showcase how lawyers can better market themselves and utilize content differently. 

“Articles are ten a penny. Everybody is always doing them. Everybody is chasing the same keywords. So I wanted to do this differently”.
John B.

In this video discussing legal marketing best practices, John is touching upon five key components for legal marketing:

  1. Education
  2. Illustration
  3. Dissemination
  4. Collaboration
  5. Awareness & Action

Help-Lawyer is a global law firm directory and marketing suite for law firms and solo-practicing lawyers. Help-Lawyer assists solo practitioners and small-to-medium-sized law firms using content-driven marketing to increase their brands online. Unlike many other platforms, Help Lawyer is very active in supporting their members and getting the content amplified. 

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