End of Year 2021 – Legably Update

As we close out the year, we wanted to provide an update on the Legably site, what we have been up to, and where we are going.

In the last month we have pushed numerous updates to the site, including:

  • Paralegals and law students can now join Legably, create profiles, and use the Forum
  • We updated the Forum to provide a more streamlined experience for users, including removing the second email verification requirement
  • Job and freelance project posters can now create jobs and projects for full and part-time paralegal positions, and hire law students
  • We fixed several bugs, including on the sign up page, and made related improvements based on user feedback
  • The “Referrals” tab on the job seeker and poster dashboards was removed, and that functionality has been transferred to the Forum where you can post and respond to client referrals from other attorneys and legal professionals

Over the coming days we are going to be pushing another update, which will include:

  • Changing the pricing so that all users will be able to apply to an unlimited number of projects and jobs, and this will be set as the default for all new and existing users
  • Premium users will now be able to unlock more features across the site, including being able to message job posters directly as well as message other users through the Forum
  • Job posters will be able to post an unlimited number of jobs and projects for free every month, and the percentage fee that Legably takes to cover processing costs will remain at 2.5%

Stay tuned as we continue to push updates. We are working on bringing on multiple job posting accounts early in the New Year and we will continue to grow the number of job and freelance opportunities available.

Please let us know how we can continue to improve – what do you like/not like? What issues are you experiencing? What would you like us to roll out next? Feel free to reply in the Forum or send an email to support@legably.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for a strong 2021 and Happy New Year!

The Legably Team

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