Legably Release 1.2

At the heart of the Legably platform is the software that allows attorneys to grow their practices by posting jobs or applying for jobs that other attorneys post.

When we launched version 1.1 of Legably in August of 2018 we thought we had designed the best, most intuitive way to help attorneys grow their practices one job at a time. Over time we realize we did quite a number of things right but now, based on feedback and market research, we realize that some of our initial ideas needed refinement.

So without further delay here are the new features that you will find on Legably when we update the site later this month.

New Job Payment Types

Previously the only payment type available for new jobs was the Milestone payment type. With this payment type a job poster could parcel out the total job payment into one or more milestones, releasing individual sub-payments only after approving the specific piece of work that was represented by that milestone.

With this release we have added two new payment types to the Post A New Job screen—Hourly Rate and Fixed Fee.

At the top of the Post A New Job screen you will see two new drop down menus, one for Job Type and one for Payment Type. The Job Type drop down contains just one item for now but the Payment Type drop down allows you to select between Milestone and Hourly Rate/Fixed Fee payment types.

Selecting Hourly Rate/Fixed Fee will hide the milestone-specific fields below but leave the Target Rate field available for you to enter in a hourly rate or fixed fee for this particular job. To switch the job between hourly rate or fixed fee simply select either the Hourly or Fixed buttons to the right of the Target Rate field.

Candidate Applied Emails for Job Posters

Right now at several times in the workflow of a single job we send emails to job posters and job seekers as indicated in the table below.

We realized that when a potential candidate, i.e. seeker, applied for a specific job the job poster was not being notified so there was sometimes a delay by the poster in interviewing potential candidates.

To plug this gap we are now sending emails to a job poster whenever any candidate applies for a job that they have posted.

This new type of email notification will help both parties, seekers and posters, find and fill jobs quicker and easier.

Candidate Search for Job Posters

In the Job Posting section of the Dashboard we have added a new tab called Candidate Search that displays a list of all the attorneys on the Legably platform that are looking for work.

By default the candidate list displays all the attorneys who are looking for work, whatever their practice areas or states they are licensed to practice in.

This list can get quite long so you will find two drop down menus at the top of the Candidate Search screen that you can use to filter the list of candidates—Practice Area and State.

Selecting each drop down will display a list of respective elements that can be selected.

Once you have selected the practice areas or states that you want to filter on (you can select more than one of each), click the Search button to narrow the candidate list down to just those attorneys who meet the criteria you have selected.

In a future releases we plan on giving you the ability to message individual attorneys who fit your job’s criteria, asking them to apply for a particular job.

Job Search and Sorting

In the Job Searching section of the Dashboard, on the Job Search screen, we have now given you the ability to sort the jobs listed by posted date. Select one of the options in the drop down menu in the upper right and the list of jobs below will be automatically sorted by posted date.

We also give you the ability to filter the job list by practice area and state. Job list filtering works just like practice area and state filtering on the Candidate Search screen. Clicking the Practice Area or State drop down menus at the top of the screen will display menus with respective elements you can select. Once you have selected your filtering criteria, clicking the Search button will filter the job list on that criteria.

View Job and Candidate Details

When viewing any list of jobs on either the Job Search or one of the My Jobs screens, you can click a job’s headline to view additional details about the job. This ability was not immediately apparent to some of our attorneys so we have added a View Job button that can be clicked to view additional details about a specific job.

We have done the same thing for candidates. When viewing a list of candidates on the Candidate Search screen you can click the View Profile button to see additional details about a specific candidate that you might be interested in.

Rating Seekers and Posters

When a job is completed and the poster is satisfied and the seeker is paid, each party has the opportunity to rate the other party on an individual job’s Job Complete screen. Simply selecting the star rating that corresponds to your experience and click the Save Rating button.

Hovering over the question mark (?) at the end of the “Please rate…” sentence will display a legend that explains what each star rating stands for.

Stripe Dashboard

Previously you could only access your Stripe Connect dashboard on an individual job’s Start Pending screen (we use Stripe to handle payments between all parties). We have added the ability to get to your Stripe Connect dashboard from the drop down menu that appears when you click on your name that is displayed in the upper right corner of the site.

Simply select the Stripe Dashboard menu item to be taken to your Stripe Connect dashboard in a new browser tab.

Blog Link

We have added a link to this blog to the footer of the Legably site. Simply click the Blog link to open this blog in a new browser tab.

These are the major features of Release 1.2, designed to and we feel they make Legably more valuable to the thousands of attorneys who have already signed up, posted jobs, and found work through the platform. Future releases will continue to bring us closer to the goal of turning Legably into the premier source of attorney-related work and the best way to grow a legal practice one job at a time.

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